The work of Martin Skalický is characterized by an unconventional approach to figurative sculpture, which updates and expands its possibilities with the help of material transformation, experiment and controlled chance. Skalický uses unusual materials, which he combines with traditional sculptural procedures – he stuffs textiles impregnated with a two-component resin and an originally soft, shapeless material, which also has its own history and aesthetic qualities, into the forms of historical sculptures, thus adopting and expanding the meanings of the given historical form.

The principle of his creation consists primarily in connecting various opposites and paradoxes. His works combine the past with the present, durability with fragility, beauty with ugliness, serious, existential expression with humor and irony, but also systematic, conceptual work with chance. In this way, aesthetically impressive, refined and expressively monumental sculptures with a wide range of meanings are created.


Otec a syn

textil, PU pěna, epoxid, akryl, barva
83 × 60 × 42 cm




papír, látka, šelak
51 × 22 × 13 cm

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